New update: v1.1.0 now available!

HORIZON VANGUARD v1.1.0 is now released, which contains the following changes:

New Features:

  • Players can now adjust the aiming angle of the pistol through a new "AIM OFFSET" entry in the dropship options menu. Note that this brings a slight change to the default aim angle.
  • For comfort reasons, HORIZON VANGUARD has always made the player's bike move at max speed regardless of how far the analog stick is tilted. This can now disabled by unchecking the new "FORCE MAX SPEED" entry in the dropship options menu. You cannot uncheck this if you are also using the default "8-WAY MOVEMENT" option.
  • New leaderboard entries moving forward will reflect if that user cleared the entire route by displaying a "!" after the zone reached letter.
  • New default Windows Mixed Reality bindings have been included. Unfortunately I do not have access to a WMR headset and have not been able to test these.


  • Fixed a bug involving running out of lives during the tutorial.
  • Fixed a bug that occured while pausing and looking at the radar.
  • Fixed a minor visual issue on some enemies in the Desert.

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Jul 12, 2020


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