Demo Update 1.6 released. New features!

We've been thrilled to see people enjoying the demo since its release last month, and we really appreciate the feedback we've received! In the meantime, we've been hard at work on some new features included in today's 1.6 update:

Pause Menu

We've added a pause menu that lets you recenter tracking, swap the bike remote and pistol between hands, quickly restart your play session (to the beginning of Zone A), and quickly get back to the dropship. You can access it by holding the menu button for a second (you'll see a brief meter filling as you hold the button).

Scoring System

While the original release had a basic scoring system under the hood, we've implemented a new one built around mechanics that reward you for consecutive pistol shots. Be careful, though, as a missed pistol shot will reset your score multiplier! 

We've also added a display to the bike dashboard so you can get a quick view of what your current multiplier is (and a detailed feed for those that really want to dig in) as well as sound cues so you can tell how well you're doing in the heat of the action!

Local and Online Scoreboards

To go along with the new scoring system, we've included local and online scoreboards. You can see your scores through the new display in the dropship and choose from local or online scores with the display up above. A few filtering and sorting options are available, too, for things like finding Steam friends and jumping to your own score. Scores are divided between two boards: one with VR motion controller scores, and another with HMD "face aim" and mouse scores.

The online scoreboards will display combined scores from all users, regardless of whether they're from or Steam.

Other Stuff

We've also made some under-the-hood optimizations and small changes here and there. Be sure to leave us feedback in the forums!


"Location Test" Demo 1.6 236 MB
Oct 02, 2017


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